About Njoku Psychiatry

Njoku Psychiatry is a medication management clinic in Wichita, Kansas. The clinic is led by Mariam Njoku, a highly experienced psychiatric nurse practitioner who is board certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Our goal is to eliminate the public stigma regarding mental illness by targeting the underlying physiological cause of the disease and revealing mental diseases to be as other medical illnesses. We are committed to providing quality care and working in partnership with our patients.

  • About Mariam Njoku, MSN, APRN, PMHNP BC Njoku Psychiatry Wichita KS

    About Mariam Njoku, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

    After earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Bethel College and a Master of Science in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing from Wichita State University, Ms. Njoku achieved board certification with ANCC. Ms. Njoku is also a Reiki first degree practitioner. As the leader of Njoku Psychiatry, she uses her services to improve the outlook and quality of life for those with psychiatric diseases.

Diagnoses And Medication Management Services

Njoku Psychiatry provides well-researched treatment options to alleviate psychiatric symptoms. Ms. Njoku also provides lab workup to diagnose and develop treatment plans for adults and adolescents suffering from a variety of psychiatric conditions including depression, anxiety, insomnia, binge-eating, and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Njoku Psychiatry What To Expect At Your Visit Wichita KS

What To Expect From Visits

The first appointment at Njoku Psychiatry is a medical evaluation in which we will discuss your general health history, family history, mental health history, social habits and alcohol/drug use along with current psychiatric symptoms. Ms. Njoku will provide a diagnosis and prescribe medication to treat the condition(s). Patients will then continue ongoing medication management services with Ms. Njoku.

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    Long wait times for treatment will result in poor health outcomes. The focus of Njoku Psychiatry is to reduce wait times on accessing mental health services. New patients are treated within 24 hours and same day service is provided to established patients. Contact us at (316) 201-4338 to schedule your appointment.

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